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s.During the ●week ending that noon we had been rout▓ed out from every watch below, we had pulled an▓d hauled and reefed and furled▓ times without number, and we had cov▓ered just sixty miles! But on that da●y the Jonah weakened, for the


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●wind turned northerly, and, though the● gale continued, the Glenalvon caught the br●eeze on her beam and raced homeward li▓ke a steamer.The invalids b●egan to pick up, though the garbage dol▓ed out to us was as nauseating ▓as ever.Then came an unlooked-for catas●trophe to depress our rising spir▓its.The tobacco gave out! Those fortunate be▓ings who had a plu

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puffing fiercely at a huge,▓ black cigar; and not a

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old it for its weight in gold.The●y chewed each quid for half a day and stuck it● up on the bulkhead above their bunks, smoking i●t when it had dried.The Swede● gave a suit of clothes, a s▓ou’wester, and a half-worn pair of ●shoes for two cubic inches of the weed.An●other offered a month’s wages for a like amount▓ and was deterred from carrying out th●e transacti


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orecastle ▓door.His brains washed away in the scuppers.● One by one the crew slunk into the fore▓castle, shuddering or grumbling.Soon, how
ever,▓ there came a

sed t●o note it in the articles.The ▓tobaccoless smoked the gr


offee—or tea,▓ according to the hour; and, when▓ the “doctor” ref

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used longer to ●supply the stuff, they smoked r▓ope-


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yarns and scraps of leather pi▓cked up in the rubbish under the forecastl●e-head. 499It must not be supp▓osed that our labors were confined to the ▓mere task of sailing the ves●sel.Far from it.The “old man” be▓grudged every sailor his watch b●elow; he would have died of a▓poplexy had he caught one of us loa●fing during his watch on deck.He was a▓ firm believe

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